The New Year: A Time for Reflection

The end of the year is a wonderful time filled with many Holidays, which gives us all the opportunity to slow down, spend time with loved ones and reflect on the past year.  Over this Holiday Season, I have been thinking a lot about what our sport means to the lives of the children who play it.

Soccer is more than a ball on the field – more than the 90 minutes of playing your heart out – it is a foundation for creating all sorts of opportunities.  Soccer is a global game—it creates friendships around the world.  It unites countries and families and teaches players sportsmanship, confidence and the importance of community.

Thinking about the impact our game has of course brings me to our thousands of volunteers across our state that make our programs work.  I hope knowing there are thousands of happy, healthy kids throughout Washington brings you deep joy.

To our 115 thousand players & families, 20 thousand coaches, 6 thousand referees and thousands of administrators, I hope you are able to take a moment this season to think about what our soccer community means to you.

Happy New Year and thanks for making the game for all kids possible!

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